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During the social distancing measures imposed in response to COVID-19, CCL is following government guidelines to keep our employees, clients and supply chain protected and safe. To continue to service our clients, we are collaborating and progressing projects using IT platforms and established processes to ensure that clients experience no reduction in the quality of service.


CCL Scandinavia is one of the leading Scandinavian prestressed concrete companies helping to deliver innovative, cost-effective structural solutions.

The company is part of the CCL group which provides specialized engineered solutions for structures. CCL employs over 700 people across the globe, around 40 of whom are based in Scandinavia. CCL Scandinavia is made up of two business areas, Post-tensioning and Products.

Using cutting-edge technologies, CCL Scandinavia specializes in the design, supply and installation of vertical post-tensioning systems, post-tensioned slabs and post-tensioning for civil structures.

CCL Scandinavia also provides products and equipment used for post-tensioning and the manufacture of precast concrete.

CCL Scandinavia_Headquarters


CCL Scandinavia provides post-tensioning solutions for structures.

The company utilises CCL-designed anchorages and high-strength steel strands to apply a compressive force to the concrete, overcoming its natural weakness in tension to enable the construction of even more innovative buildings and civil structures.



CCL Scandinavia provides a range of high quality products for use in the prestressing industry.

Designed and manufactured to ensure ultimate levels of performance and safety, CCL’s specialized components and equipment are used in precast plants and on construction projects throughout Scandinavia.



CCL Scandinavia A/S
Ny Vestergårdsvej 11
DK3500 Værløse

T: +45 44 35 08 11
E: cclscan@cclint.com

CVR: 65337819

CCL Spännarmering AB
Industrivägen 6-8
137 37 Västerhaninge

T: +46 (0) 8 20 80 50
E: cclspann@cclint.com

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