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Bored Piles

Bored piles are most commonly used on new build construction and extensions, where noise and vibration must be avoided.

They are also utilized when the depth of the subsoil makes spread foundations uneconomical, and as supporting walls in pit excavations. Prior to the commencement of piling, a ground survey is undertaken in cooperation with geotechnical expert. CCL Fundering can install 300 mm –1500 mm diameter bored piles with casings in areas of sandy soil or water-bearing sand, to prevent collapse or water ingress, or without casings for applications where the soil is firm.

Piling is carried out using an 8 t or 26 t excavator, depending on the available space and required pile dimension. Bored piles are offered with or without connecting rods and are grouted using concrete strength defined in the project specification.

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