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Corrugated Duct

CCL Scandinavia manufactures corrugated steel ducts for use in bonded post-tensioning and precast concrete elements. It can also be used to create recesses.

All standard duct is manufactured in accordance with the harmonized standard EN523 and is CE-marked, as per EU building materials regulations. The Declaration of Performance (DOP) for standard ducts can be downloaded from the website.

Other CE marked ducts, with an internal diameter ranging from Ø 50 mm - 130 mm (in 5 mm incremnets) can be manufactured to order. and possibly with test report. It may also be possible to provide a test report. Please contact CCL Scandinavia for prices and delivery time.

Duct with an inner diameter greater than 130 mm cannot be CE marked according to EN 523. CCL Scandinavia is able to produce duct up to Ø 200 mm. This is manufactured as a special product and may require investment in tools. Please contact CCL Scandinavia for prices and delivery time.

Type T +

• Tight profiled
• High flexibility regarding bending
• Inner diameters: Ø 50 mm, Ø 55 mm, Ø 70 mm, Ø 75 mm and Ø 80 mm
• Thickness: 0.4 mm

Type B +

• Broad profiled
• High rigidity regarding bending
• Inner diameters: Ø 50 mm, Ø 70 mm, Ø 75 mm, Ø 80 mm and Ø 100 mm
• Thickness: 0.5 mm



CCL Scandinavia A/S
Ny Vestergårdsvej 11
DK3500 Værløse

T: +45 44 35 08 11
E: cclscan@cclint.com

CVR: 65337819

CCL Spännarmering AB
Industrivägen 6-8
137 37 Västerhaninge

T: +46 (0) 8 20 80 50
E: cclspann@cclint.com

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