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Equipment Accessories

CCL Scandinavia provide equipment accessories to enable the smooth operation of CCL stressing machinery.

These include a multi-trip meter, detensioning nose and calibration kit.

Multi-trip Meter +


The digital multi-trip meter can be used in conjunction with the SRX and SR3000 pumps to control the prestressing loads using pre-set trips. Data logging software which stores stressing information (load, time and date), is supplied with the multi-trip meter to download the information to a computer.

Detensioning Nose +


Sometimes during single strand stressing operations, some strand will need to be de-tensioned. The CCL de-tensioning kit can be used in conjunction with the 160 kN or the 300 kN CCL Stressomatic jack and allows safe and efficient de-tensioning to take place and prevent damage caused by sudden detensioning.

Calibration Kit +


To maintain accurate prestressing loads CCL recommends regular calibration of CCL jacks to the corresponding pressure gauge. This should be carried out at least once every 12 months, however little the equipment has been used. Digital Calibration units can be supplied for fast, economical calibration on site. Alternatively, CCL Scandinavia can calibrate equipment at its premises in Denmark.



CCL Scandinavia A/S
Ny Vestergårdsvej 11
DK3500 Værløse

T: +45 44 35 08 11
E: cclscan@cclint.com

CVR: 65337819

CCL Spännarmering AB
Industrivägen 6-8
137 37 Västerhaninge

T: +46 (0) 8 20 80 50
E: cclspann@cclint.com

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