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Post-Tensioned Civil Structures

CCL’s post-tensioning systems are used in civil structures such as bridges, silos and wind turbines throughout the Scandinavian region.

Depending on the type of construction, advantages are typically:

  • Longer spans
  • Reduction in construction height
  • Less concrete when compared to traditional reinforced concrete
  • Cost savings
  • Reduction or elimination of cracks

CCL Scandinavia has been post-tensioning in structures since 1947.


Post-tensioned bridges allow the creation of longer and more slender structures with fewer supports which in turn enable the design of more elegant structures. Commonly used on road and rail crossings, the PT is constructed in-situ. However, it can also be used to add strength and aid cohesion on bridges built using precast elements. The use of post-tensioned concrete can accommodate heavy loading requirements and provide enhanced crack resistance, thereby improving structural durability.


Horizontal post-tensioning in tanks or silos is commonly embedded into the support columns to optimize thickness of the concrete walls. The compressive force on the concrete provides greater control of cracking and deflection to significantly increase the strength of the structure. Both bonded and unbonded systems can be used in the post-tensioning of silos.

Wind Turbines

The use of post-tensioned concrete in the construction of wind turbines overcomes some of the logistical problems faced in the transportation of steel structures, by allowing in-situ or prefabricated construction. The vertical post-tensioning ensures stability by transferring loads into the foundations.

CCL Scandinavia is developing a system designed to stabilize steel wind turbine towers.
Please contact CCL Scandinavia for further details.

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