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Built to withstand the challenging environments of construction sites and manufacturing plants, CCL Pumps provide exceptional performance and reliability.


  • Delivery of multiple pressures to speed up the stressing operation while maintaining control for precise stressing as required.
  • Bespoke manifold systems to reduce the risk of faults on complex pipework.
  • Seated valves for a smaller oil reservoir and less heat generation.
  • Integrated pump motor for a compact design.
  • EC thermoplastic pipes including anti-kink springs for extra safety.
  • Power lock-off for safe stressing.
  • Remote push button control for simple and safe operation.

SR3000 +


Designed precisely to provide a fast and efficient two-speed stressing operation for strand up to 18 mm. The SR3000 pump has a modular design which facilitates maintenance and servicing requirements. It is supplied with a protective frame as standard and its robust design means it can be used in adverse conditions.



A compact high performance pump the SRX can be used with the full range of CCL Jacks. Encased in a robust tubular frame to provide protection, it is ideal for site use and can be easily relocated where required.

The SRX comes with the option of a digital trip meter with four trip settings to ensure consistent loading of strand and reduce the need to continually monitor the pressure gauge.



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